Stated Meeting, January 16, 2017 - 7:30pm
Annual Memorial Service for 2016 Deceased Brothers

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 Brother George C. Palmer, Past Master 1965
January 14, 2017


We welcome the following new Brothers who Entered our Lodge this year:


4th Annual Blue Shoot Recap

Scholarship/Grant Fund Program Changes

By action of the Lodge in May, in addition to the two $1,000 grants being given each year to the fine arts programs at the Washington High School and the Trinity High School there has been added a $500 grant to a graduating senior who is a member of the local Joppa Chapter, Order of DeMolay and to a graduating senior who is a member of the local Martha Assembly of the Order of Rainbow for Girls. This brings our Grant totals back to $3,000 annually.

This money must be funded only by donations from members or by holding special fundraising events for that purpose. Unfortunately, our raffle ticket initiative has not done well as few members have participated in selling or buying tickets and consequently has been suspended for the present time until we can assess how we can move that program aggressively forward within the financial rules of the Grand Lodge. Also, the annual Blue Shoot conceived to raise money for the Fund has not performed as well as anticipated. Hopefully that situation can be reversed for next years 5th annual shoot so there can be significant profit achieved.

As it stands the balk of the grant fund program needs to come from the membership and we will be asking for generous donations with the next dues notices coming out mid October. The dues notices will also include a new $5.00 assessment for each member including 50 year members mandated by the Grand Lodge to fund the Grand Masters new Almoner Initiative which you may have read about in the Pennsylvania Freemason recently. It is a program established to assist needy worthy Brothers of our Lodge, family or widows and our Lodge is mandated to expend at least $500 for that purpose before the close of this Masonic Year. More information about this initiative is in the June Notice. 

GHOSTBUSTERS find activity!

So it's true.... We do have ghosts in the building. The Bassettown Para Normal Club brought in some very expensive and sophisticated para normal detection equipment on Friday evening September 30th around 7pm and set up on the now closed 3rd floor of the building. They left around 11:30, but not before the equipment detected several unusual activities in and around the old lodge room. The findings of this group will be presented at our February Stated Meeting... Be sure not to miss it!