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Donald W. McMurray

 Harry M. Hudak

Tickets on sale
benefits Masonic Charities
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Once again we are raffling off a beautiful 20" neon masonic clock like the one we had last year. This clock sells for $300. The raffle will not be based on the PA Lottery but will drawn following our Stated Meeting on October 20th. There are 1,000 tickets printed for sale. Officers and members who chose to participate will have tickets for sale at the below pricing:

1 - $5; 3 - $10; 5 - $15; 10 - $20
Seller of winning ticket will receive $100

The income from this raffle will go toward our newly established school grants for the fine arts in the Trinity and Washington School Districts.

$5,174.00 in donations given away in 2013.

Brethren, we are pleased to announce that our Lodge donated $319.00 to the Grand Lodge HELP FOR HEROES Fund in 2013.

Donations from PA Lodges now have exceeded $700,000 in support of our troops via phone calling cards, hospital visits for families of wounded heroes, baby showers for expectant military parents and other special events and services.

You can help at every Lodge meeting by depositing your change (and bills) in the jar inside the entrance door.

We also donated $226.00 in November 2013 to the Washington City Mission's Thanksgiving Meal Program to help feed 100 needy people in the local community.

Also, we can't forget the $202.00 we collected at the November Stated Meeting by passing the hat for the Masonic Village in Sewickley's Enchanted Evening Program.

And the $1,000.00 donation our Lodge made to the Masonic Children's Home in Elizabethtown, PA.

We donated $250.00 in memorials for deceased brethren to the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown; $150.00 to the Pittsburgh Scottish Rite Charity Golf Tournament, and $27.00 to the Masonic Village, Sewickley's Trick or Treat night.

And lastly our Scholarship Program gave out $3,000.00 to local high school seniors and elementary students.


Brethren, by recent action of the Lodge, following our presentations in June, we have changed our scholarship program to a cash grant program for the fine arts departments of the same school districts we have been serving. After consultation with superintendents, principles, and school staff it was mutually agreed that a change would be beneficial to the schools and to the Lodge.

We know that our membership will actively support this new venture of our Lodge with generous donations and participation in the various upcoming fund-raising events we will be holding to provide the funding for this new program.

We welcome the following new Brothers who Entered our Lodge this year:

Zachery T. Goodwin - 2/24/2014
Alan D. DeJohn - 6/23/2014