Extra Meeting Saturday Nov. 11, 9:00am
Stated Meeting Monday Nov. 20, 7:30pm

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 Brother Charles E. Rose
September 30, 2017

Brother James R. Morris, P.M.
June 24, 2017

Brother Frank H. McClenathan
May 12, 2017


We welcome the following new Brothers who Entered our Lodge this year:

Nash E. Fawcett
Christopher C. Allen
Jordan A. Smith
Justin S. McKeag 

Scholarship/Grant Fund Program Distributed $2,250 for 2017

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Hot Dogs Anyone? .... ($413.00 netted so far)

The hot dogs were moving briskly at our location in the parking lot of the Masonic Temple during the Farmers' Market on Thursday August 31st. Since we now have the food serving certificates required by the state and we have donated hot dogs and buns, it was decided to set up a stand at the remaining Thursday events until the end of October to raise some money for our grant program. The stand is under the direction of Brother Matthew Boice, P.M., and we have netted $413.00 so far from sales. With some help Matt brought his grill and Brother John Clinger supplied the cover canopy and the water bottles. Brother Phil Snoke made up the very distinctive banner you see pictured. Helpers included Brothers Justin McKeag, John Breitigan, and Jeff Johnson.

If we get help from other members we will continue to man this project up to the end of the Farmers' Market season. So we are appealing to those of you who have the time and availability to call Bro. Boice and volunteer your help. It's certainly not a very hard job and your help will be greatly appreciated going forward. If we can continue to make the same level of sales during the period we should net in the close vicinity of $1,000.00 to help with our grant funding for the Washington and Trinity Area School Districts. Please give this some serious thought and give Bro. Boice a call. His number is in our September Notice, so give him a call and lend your support this this worthy Lodge effort. BTW, we also gave out a petition to an interested fellow looking to join the Lodge.