Extra Meeting Monday January 28 7:00pm
2019 dues card required at door

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Instructions for filing the application:

  1. Complete Sections A & D only.
  2. Attach check payable to “Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania” for $26. (Include cost for additional registration cards, if desired.)
  4. Mail completed application, and check or money order to:
    Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
    One North Broad Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-2598
  5. The Grand Secretary’s Office will validate your membership, complete sections B & C, and will forward it to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Click here for the Application for Special Organization Registration Plate


The State of PA has announced that effective July 17, 2014, specialty plates are now available.

  • Specialty plates are personalized versions of the Blue Lodge plates above, and cost $130 ($104 plus $26 for the registration).
  • Specialty plates can be up to 5 characters (alpha or numeric), and may contain one hyphen or space (but not both).
  • To order the specialty version of the license plate, please fill out this form, enclose $130, and send it to the Grand Lodge at the address above.

For questions, call Seamus Stimpson at 215-988-1901 at the Masonic Temple Grand Lodge Philadelphia.

Our Grant Fund Program Distributed $2,000 for 2018


>> 9-20-18 A security camera system is now installed throughout the building. Presently two cameras cover the back entrance door and the emergency exit, a third to be added to cover the entire parking lot. A camera covers the kitchen. A camera covers the social hall. A camera covers the first floor hallway and stairway. A camera covers the front door and hallway. A camera covers the side entrance. All of these cameras are high definition and have night vision and are on 24/7. The building is now secure from any unauthorized entry.

>> Pictures of Center basement renovation project.. click to view slideshow.

>> Pictures of the 3rd floor of the Masonic Center taken 8/3/14.. you must login here to view pictures

>> The Masonic Center has a low power information radio transmitter installed and operating on 1620 AM for passerby's to tune in. The radio gives out information about who meets in the building and other pertinent facts about the Fraternity.

>> CBS Sunday Morning presents an inside look at Freemasonry click here to view the video.