Lodge Presents $1,000 to Volunteer Fire Co.


At our Stated Meeting on Monday evening November 21, 2022 the W.M. Brother David J. Thomas, P.M. presented a check to the officers of the Lone Pine Volunteer Fire Department. The money came from donations collected from members of the Lodge who donated to the newly created First Responders Fund. This is the first distribution from this fund. Shown are Brother Thomas presenting the check to the Lone Pine Officers.

Welcome to Our Newest Master Mason - Ian Miller


We welcome our newest Master Mason to Sunset Lodge 237. Brother Ian Robert Miller was elevated to the sublime degree Saturday morning November 19th. Brother Miller, is a resident of Washington with his wife Lindsey and is employed as a Transportation Equipment Operator with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Shown above are those in attendance for the conferral. Front row L-R: Sunset Lodge Worshipful Master Brother David J. Thomas, P.M., Brother Miller, and degree conferring officer Brother Leslie D. Moore, P.M.

Lodge Calendar

2023 Dues Notices are in the mail

Brethren your 2023 Lodge dues are now payable online or by check to the secretary. The Notices have been mailed to you with your October Lodge Notice.

By-Laws Article 6: Section   6.02   Dues are payable at the beginning of each year. Those owing dues will be suspended at the January Stated Meeting after having been given due notice. The Lodge may, at its discretion, postpone suspension to the April Stated Meeting. Those paying online will have a nominal convenience charge added.

2023 dues are $115.50

FREE & ACCEPTED - the origin of this Masonic phrase

The origin of these terms, descriptive of Speculative Freemasons, goes back into the very beginnings of the history of the Order; indeed, behind the history of the building Craft in Europe.

But it is only in keeping with the antiquity of the teachings of Freemasonry. Many of our symbols and their meanings go back to the very childhood of the race. Through these a direct relationship may be traced in mind, heart and ideal; if not in written document, to such diverse ages and places as China four thousand years ago, the priesthood of ancient Egypt and the Jews of the Captivity.

For purposes of understanding the genesis of the word “Free” as coupled with Mason, it will suffice to begin with the Roman “Collegia”, orders or associations of men engaged in similar pursuits. Doubtless their formation was caused partly by the universal desire for fellowship and association, particularly strong in Rome, in which the individual was so largely submerged for the good of the Empire, and partly by economic necessity, just as labor unions are formed today.

These “Collegia” speedily became so prominent and powerful that Roman Emperors attempted to abolish the right of free association. In spite of edicts and persecutions, however, the “Collegia” continued to exist.

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