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Secretary's Message 10-5-2020


We are now into October with no apparent relief in site for the pandemic. On Monday September 21st, the Lodge met and made the final approval for this Lodge to merge with Beallsville Lodge 237. The merger will take place on St John’s Day December 27th when we will then become Sunset Lodge No. 237. There will be no changes to our meeting place or schedules. The new officers selected by the merger committee will be installed in January IF the conditions at that time permit.

We have a Zoom license for the coming year which we will use to connect with officers and members. I have asked our D.D.G.M., Bro McGuier to investigate permitting us to hold virtual Stated Meetings and am awaiting a response. The York Rite bodies are utilizing this method for meetings at the current time as well as the Tall Cedars of Lebanon.

As you are aware, we are not meeting in person currently and do not plan to do so the remainder of this year. We do have one petitioner approved and waiting for the EA Degree and several to be voted on after the committees’ report. They will be deferred until we start back up again when conditions permit.

Most scientific opinions do not feel that the virus will be under any type of control until mid to late next year. If that is the case many of us, me included will not be attending indoor in person fraternal gatherings until that safer time arrives.

Keep visiting this website and its soon to be successor for more information and updates to the Lodge’s schedule and activities. The dues notices for all members will be emailed/mailed out later this month and are due back to me by the end of the year.

Finally, I would urge you to create a contact in your smartphones for the lodges all call system which is our alternate method of contacting all members with a phone number in our records. The number you should see for these incoming calls is 877-565-8456. These phone messages will give out information from the Lodge to the membership.

I hope the rest of your fall is great. Stay safe and mask up!


Jon L. DePoe, PM