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Secretary's January Message

 2021 is gone but it’s pandemic raging is continuing to spread in this and countries around the world as we enter the New Year. Watching the Sunday morning talking heads as they promote using the tools we now have to mitigate the scourge we suffer I am compelled to wonder why we masons resist doing that. Our Masonic brotherhood is certainly among those entities that seems to push away from these recommendations to use those tools when in our meeting places. I seldom, if ever, see a brother in a mask at a meeting, including myself. I guess we masons feel invincible. So apparently did some of our local brothers who are now no longer with us because of it. Something to think about.

Let’s talk about 2022 dues. Are yours paid? If not, you are no longer in good standing in the fraternity. What does that mean? Well, for starters according to our By-Laws Article 6: Section   6.02   Dues are payable at the beginning of each year. Those owing dues will be suspended at the January Stated Meeting after having been given due notice. The Lodge may, at its discretion, postpone suspension to the April Stated Meeting, but no longer. Our lodge traditionally holds up suspensions until the April Stated Meeting. Currently as of this writing there are 117 who have not paid. It is now too late to request that your dues be remitted for financial hardship… that deadline was our December Stated Meeting. So, check your dues card to see if you are paid up through December 2022. If not, send me your check ($115.50) or pay online using the new Grand Lodge online payment system. There is a convenience fee charged. If you have a computer, it’s easy to pay online. You will need the following if you have not already registered:

Your verified email address …….. where you now get your emails from the lodge.
Your member ID number ……. found on the dues invoice you were sent.
Your Lodge number ……. 237

Go online to: ….. sign up or log-in.

You will have access to your personal page on the system where you can do such things as change your address, email address, and update your profile. You can also connect with other users in a manner like Facebook. A lot of information is there.

Pretty simple, and a quick and easy way to pay your dues. I will be notified instantly that your dues have been paid and will send out your dues card.

At this month’s meeting we will recognize those members who have passed from us during 2020 and 2021. There are 23 on that list. The memorial service will be conducted by PM Eugene A. Kelly.

Our January Notice if full of information, be sure to read it when you receive it and stay current with your brethren.


Jon DePoe, PM, Secretary