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Secretary's May Message

Brethren, as we start this new year a tad late, we do have a lot of work to catch up on. Petitions for membership that have been sidelined are now back to life and need processed. This translates to us having extra meetings to catch up with the backlog. Currently we have three Entered Apprentice petitions approved with two more to be voted on in May. We also have a master mason degree on the 24th of May. Somewhere we must fit in some EA degrees. It will get busy. We could certainly use as much help as possible from our new combined resources, so if you have an itch to get involved with these degrees, please do so by contacting an officer.

Unfortunately, our Lodge had to suspend 21 members for non-payment of dues at our April meeting. This is very disappointing to me as every effort was made to these members to get their dues paid on time. Brethren we all knelt at the same altar and took the same obligation as they did. As I said its disappointing. Hopefully, they will rejoin our Lodge in the coming months. They have not only lost their membership with us, but also in all other appendant bodies of the fraternity as well.

As we open to in-person meetings and refreshments following our meetings, please keep in mind that we are not out of the water yet with this pandemic and so CDC and Grand Lodge guidelines still apply as we go forward into the summer and fall. I'm glad to see that our lodge is following the guidelines and wearing masks as required to the meetings and degrees. Eventually this situation will pass. Looking forward to that time coming.

Your Secretary