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Secretary's December Message

Well, here it comes. Winter is here again. It’s been a long year what with the pandemic and all its associated issues. We lost some good men this year to the virus. Hopefully this thing will subside as more are receiving the vaccines. But I have to say, we masons are not practicing what the Grand Lodge has recommended for dealing with the situation in our lodges. Hardly any man has on a mask in most all the meetings I have recently attended. Now I hear more of our local membership has tested positive for the virus. Clearly there is an attitude of apathy among the membership. That’s sad, and I must wonder why that is.

Dues payments for 2022 are coming in slowly at the present time. Quite a few have not yet paid their dues and only have until December 31st to get those to me to be in good standing with the lodge on January 1. Dues are easy to pay online if you have a credit card. Or you can just send me a check. I’ll be looking for those to come in as the month winds down.

We have a special meeting on Saturday December 11 at 8:30 AM to confer the Master Mason Degree on Brother David Marconi. It would be nice to see some brothers there on the sidelines for this degree. This should be over around 10.

Election and installation of officers will be held at the Stated Meeting this month. As we will not be installing the WM since Brother Thomas has already been installed in the past, and Brother Drew Manko remaining as Junior Warden, this meeting should be relatively brief, so we hope to see you there.

On January 15, I am tentatively planning to have a Zoom instructional/information meeting online to review the new Grandview Membership system, look for more coming on that event. This will be open to all members who have an email address.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.