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June 25, 2018


In the book edited by Steve McCall, “41 Million Men”, essayists Michael Halleran, Matthew Stewart, Matt Nelson, and Samuel Friedman, discuss the importance of the Millennial Generation to Freemasonry.  In this collection of essays (I highly recommend you read them), they discuss the differences, and the similarities of the Millennials with those of the past when Freemasonry was thriving.  Upon examination it has been found that the Millennials and generations of our Grandfathers lodge have similar need for purpose and making a difference in the world.  Societal changes however have changed the way the younger generation operate.

This brings me to some thoughts about the leadership in the local lodges.  The average Past Master (lodge advisor) is in his late 60’s or early 70’s and still views the lodge as it was in his prime.

In this generation, where young people have grown up getting a trophy, just for participating, the motivational tactics of the past are not effective.  We don’t have long lines of men willing to do whatever it takes to be elected Junior Warden of the lodge.

That being said, some things have not changed.  It takes dedication, and hours of preparation and planning to be a line officer in lodge.  Ritual has to be mastered.  Programs have to be organized, shut-in Brethren and Widows have to be cared for.

The Worshipful Master’s chair is one of service more than personal glory.  The lodge is in your care.  It is your responsibility to lead your fellows to greater light.  It is your responsibility to lead by example.

In the 3rd degree, we learn of the 12 Fellowcraft, feeling conscious that they would not merit the secret word and sign of a Master Mason, who tried to extort it by force.  These brethren were trying to take a shortcut to glory, and in their case higher wages.  This did not turn out well.

I encourage you to consider what it takes to eventually become Master of the Lodge.  Reach out to PMs who are willing to assist you.   As you ponder these things consider the following question.

Are you here for the Brethren of the Fraternity, or are you here for YOU?