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Where is Spring ? The ground hog surely got it wrong. Lets hope this week will be the last of winter weather. As WM's we all get a WM's Handbook. The other day I was looking through it and came across an item that I had overlooked. In accordance with the Grand Lodge, "Examination of a Visitor" is to be exemplified in the Lodge room at LEAST once a year. I am still learning. After a meeting with the district principle instructor ( Brother Jay McGuire), he informed me that he has done this several times at several lodges in the district. He has agreed to do the program at this month's Stated Meeting ( March 18th ). This is something a lodge needs to know as you never know when a visitor can show up. And there is a correct way to do it. There are important steps that you have to do. So please plan to attend and learn how it is done.

I came across a little bit of interesting info about those two brazen pillars that stood on the porch of King Solomon's Temple. It is very brief but informative and I will share that at the meeting also. Hope to see you on the sidelines.


John M. Breitigan PM, WM