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As we move into the fall months of October and November we look forward to the colorful trees and cool but sunny weather and the upcoming election of officers to serve the Lodge for the ensuing year.

Every member has the opportunity to serve the lodge as an appointed or elected officer. Some members are more hesitant than others to make that choice because of the commitment it requires of one. Elected and appointed officers are aware that they must make every effort to be present at Stated and Extra meetings as well as rehearsals and School of Instruction meetings monthly as well as district deputy visitations to other lodges and regional school. Additionally, there is the requirement for wardens to have degrees memorized satisfactorily enough to confer them when needed and move to the east. These are no easy accomplishments but rather take significant time to master. Worshipful Masters know that they are responsible for having opening and closing charges and the funeral service committed to memory as well as the business of the lodge procedures for meetings.

Lodges are always needing an influx of officers to survive. We are looking for members who will make these commitments. Interested? Let one of our officers know so that we may reach out to you as the new year approaches.