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Masters September Message

 Good day my Brothers. as the summer season is drawing to a close and fall is on it's way I pray that you all have had a grand summer with friends and families. I dont know about anyone else but this summer has gone by in a flash for me. It seems like just yesterday the warm weather was just starting and we couldnt wait for summer. Now I think most of us can't wait for summer to be over.
The losses with in our ranks have been great this year, and we shall miss each Brother and the good they have brought to our lives. Please say a prayer for them and the families left behind.
A reminder our first Face to Face is Sept 20, and there are extra meeting to welcome NEW BROTHERS in to our ranks, please do your due diligence to attend and help welcome these young men into this most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity 
E.A. Kelly Wm Sunset Lodge 237
PM Sunset Lodge 623